Part 1 Reminder Terms
Dear user, we fully understand the importance of personal information to you. We will take corresponding security measures in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements, and do our best to protect the security and controllability of your personal information. In view of this, Lixin ("us", "this application") has formulated a "Privacy Policy" ("this policy") and reminds you:
The content of this policy only applies to the user information and data collected and stored by this application. By clicking the 'Login' button during the use of this application, you have carefully read and explicitly agreed to comply with the content of this policy, and agree to our collection, use, storage, and sharing of your relevant information in accordance with this policy.
It should be noted that this policy does not apply to services provided to you by other third parties, nor does it apply to products or services for which Lixin China has separately established legal statements and privacy policies.
Part 2 Definition
1. Personal information: refers to various information recorded in electronic or other ways that can be individually identified or combined with other information to identify the identity of a specific natural person or reflect the activities of a specific natural person.
2. Personal sensitive information: including ID number, personal biometric information, bank account number, property information, whereabouts, transaction information, and personal information of children under 14 years old (including).
Part 3 Privacy Policy
Through this policy, you can mainly understand the following content:
1、 The scope of personal information we may collect
2、 How do we collect and use your personal information
3、 How do we use cookies
4、 How do we share, transfer, and publicly disclose your personal information
1、 The scope of personal information we may collect
1. Registration Information
When you register or activate as a user of this application, you may need to provide your surname, name, mobile phone number. In addition, you may also be required to provide company information such as your ID card information, contact address, and company business license information. In addition, we can also submit relevant personal information through our affiliated companies, companies that commission services, and notifications that you have logged in or used.
2. Log information
Refers to the technical information that the system may automatically collect through cookies or other means when you use our services, including:
(1) Device or software information, such as configuration information provided by your mobile device, web browser, or other programs used to access our services, your IP address, and the version and device identification code used by the mobile device;
(2) The information you search or browse when using our service, such as the search terms you use on the app, the URL address of the social media page you visit, and other information and content details you browse or request when using our service;
(3) Information about the mobile applications and other software you have used, as well as information about your past use of such mobile applications and software;
(4) The information you communicate through our services, such as the account you have previously communicated with, as well as the communication time, data, and duration;
(5) The information (metadata) contained in the content you share through our service, such as the date, time, or location of shared photos or videos taken or uploaded.
3. Location information
Refers to the information collected about your location when you enable the device positioning function and use our location-based services, including:
(1) Your geographic location information collected through GPS or Wi Fi when using our services on mobile devices with positioning capabilities;
(2) Real time information provided by you or other users that includes your geographical location, such as account information containing your region information, shared information uploaded by you or others showing your current or previous geographical location, and geographic tag information contained in photos shared by you or others;
(3) You can stop collecting your geographic location information by turning off the positioning function.
4. User provided information
In order to provide you with more comprehensive, professional, and detailed services, the Lixin platform will establish services in certain fields through cooperation with third parties. When you choose to apply third-party services, you may need to provide relevant information or documents to the third-party service provider. Lixin Platform has the right to collect such information or documents and deliver them to the third-party service provider or other relevant institutions or departments.